Wednesday, October 17, 2007

autumn, exams, and craftster

blame my blogging absence on my new obsession with craftster's ongoing wishlist swap (thanks to lapoli), an endless and ongoing cold (stupid auto-immune disorder), un-bloggable christmas-gift knitting, a highly stressful family wedding (there were lavendar m&ms printed with the couple's names--enough said), and of course, upcoming exams...

during my visit to oklahoma last month, i made an architectural pilgrimage to see a famous modernist building in my home town. yes, even rural towns in oklahoma have modernist architecture. if only i had known, i would have made a scale model of this building for my high school geometry class. instead i used the barn on the corner near my house and got points off because it wasn't recognizable as a local landmark. clearly the value of vernacular architecture escaped mrs. ferdosian. anyway, it's the oilworker's church, built by the german architect bruce goff in 1948 and constructed with old parts of oil derricks, now known as the hopewell baptist church.

here are two finished projects: a baby hat for a helpful librarian (the leaf is from knitty's leafy cardigan):
and a blurry photo of beads of earth (from scarf style), safely sent on to e. for her birthday:
one more thing: since i'm coming up on my 1st anniversary, the elderly relatives are requesting wedding photos. i guess i should get going on little photo albums...any suggestions for online digital printing companies?