Sunday, January 13, 2008

belated happy new year!

...belated everything, in fact! i finished my written exams on friday, so i've had two days for things to get a little bit back to normal...thanks to all those friends who have waited patiently for my very delayed reponses to your calls, emails, and notes from the past 6 months! i truly appreciate all of the good vibes that y'all sent to me! next flaming hoop: oral exams in early february.

here's what i did with my free time the moment i was exam-free: after much urging from lapoli, i dyed my first batch of yarn! i'll use this to make a scarf for my artist friend who wears only buddhist-monk-robe orange:

how cool is that??


nuttnbunny said...

Supremely cool.
Austin was great. Got red boots. Let's start a club: Former Austinites lusting for their city in rocking red boots.

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Rose@TESOLDegree said...

Hope to see your scarf. I prefer something more colors than yours. I have just crocheted a colorful scarf.