Monday, July 30, 2007

ester, kelly, pay it forward

finally, a decent photo of ester, complete with gratuitous back shot of my favorite dress: a halter dress made of an old snap shirt and a scarf (local designer, found at roulette vintage.). perfect dress for the kelly willis concert last night! her new songs are great, cat's cradle is smoke-free, and the crowd was thin but committed: all in all a highly enjoyable experience in our favorite hippie town of carrboro. mr. boot took me to see the kelly willis / bruce robison christmas concert in december, but we didn't realize that they do that tour annually and actually sing christmas carols. it was a bit excessively christmas-y for us (although we loved "oklahoma christmas" with its classic line, "pass the god-damn sweet potatoes") . anyway, nice to see her again. i used to see bruce with their youngest kid in a stroller at pacha in austin. austin, sigh.

anyway, i'm following nuttnbunny's pay it forward challenge; see the original idea here. given my short list of regular readers, the odds are good that you'll get something from me, so jump in!


nuttnbunny said...

Hee hee! Yeah for Pay it forward.

I can't even tell you how vicariously I'm living your TX life. I heart Kelly Willis and am heading straight to the online music store to get the latest.

A friend and I are planning a long weekend in Sept to hop down for some music. Toni Price - Continental Club - that kind of thing. I'll let you know when we get it set. Drinks on me! :-)

oneredboot said...

haha, i'm living the austin life vicariously, too. i moved away three years ago and miss it something awful! ooh, but i wish i could be there for drinks with you! nothing like a good margarita in austin. and i always loved bingo night at the continental. *sigh*. enjoy! can't wait to hear about your trip.

Christina Marie said...

Your Ester's awesome... and the dress!! What does the front look like?

Cheryl Knits said...

hey hon! i had such a great time tonight and thanks for the link to the goat farm! they're so adorable and we should definitely get out there soon.

ester is beautiful! you are inspiring me to try out the sweaters.

roulette vintage said...

Aw! The dress looks great!

:)kara & rebecca