Tuesday, August 7, 2007

100 degrees, 100 pillows

it's been about 100 degrees here the last few days, so i've been staying inside, knitting, and sewing. i went to a carrboro knitting group last night at open eye and met a whole crowd of amazing and like-minded knitters. most are on ravelry--one is a moderator of the new destash--and, unlike other knit groups i've attended in the area, all of them are totally online-knit savvy and no one was knitting with acrylic. i even met a super-fun knitter who shares my current fancy for getting pygmy goats. our landlord would love that.

as for sewing, i'm the official museum seamstress: the preparators hired me to make pillow inserts for 25 pillowcases that will be included in their next exhibition. i'll post a photo of the mountain of pillows and my makeshift sewing area next time...

for the moment, a few projects. here's jarrett, a rather sweltering piece to knit in this heat, for mr. boot.
and a quick string bag, crocheted from a pattern in erika knight's simple crochet with leftover recycled cotton yarn. i began this one after attempting the magknits saturday market bag and failing miserably at even this simple lace stitch, in size 15 needles. but i like this bag better, anyway. yeah.

the bag is filled with cucumbers: there are currently 11 in the fridge. i must make pickles soon and find people to take them off my hands. any takers?

and finally, a parting shot of this week's CSA box:


Cheryl Knits said...

i'm glad to have met another pygmy goat enthusiast, too!

if you ever are in the mood to meet up to knit on non-monday nights, let me know! c_huxford at yahoo dot com. it was great meeting you last night

nuttnbunny said...

Nice CSA! I suggest chilled cucumber-yogurt-mint soup.

Fresh Ground Knits said...

oh, you have a CSA too! I love mine!

It was great to meet you, hope to see you again on Monday.


Bee said...

Don't know how you knitters do it in this heat! Also, I'm covetous of that sweet little egplant. Finally, a cucumber suggestion: spa treatments. If they're good for calming under-eye skin (a la old school facials), why not go for broke? Slice, chill, and apply liberally in dim room!

Christina Marie said...

Love that little bag! Great yarn. :)